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    Great balance between price and quality

    High priority account with priority on Gaming and After Hours Downloads

    Rev that Ferrari! Low Contention ratio and completely unshaped!

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    High Priority

    Turbocharged Priority. Priority above all other service levels.

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    95% Lower contention ratio and higher priority on the network compared to Everyday

    Extremely low contention ratio.
    High priority

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    Home Use

    Home /
    Small Business

    Discerning Home User /


Priority:This is the priority you receive on our network. The higher your priority, the more importance you have on the network. If you have a high priority, you will get faster access all round. If you are on a shaped service, you will also be unshaped first, when the network is quiet.

Contention Ratio: A Contention Ratio is the amount of people that share capacity with you. The lower your contention ratio, the better your overall performance will be.

Which service level will work for me?
The best way to choose a service level that will suit your needs is to consider the following two aspects:
1. How much you wish to spend on your data?
2. What will you be using it for?
An easy way to sum it up is as follows: The more you pay, the more you get. If you are a home user and only perform the basic browsing, emails, a couple of downloads, and play a game or two, Vanilla will be perfect for you. However, if you play in Critical gaming leagues in Multiplayer environments, you would need to consider Gold or Platinum. If you are a heavy downloader, we would suggest you go for nothing less than Silver or higher, as this will deliver the best value for money at the end of the day.


Legal Information

Registered name:
OpenISP CC (Openweb).

Registration number:

Physical address:
International Lighting / OpenWeb, Unit 24 Kingfisher Park, 25 Marseilles Crescent, Briardene, Durban

Postal address:
PO Box 491 Ballito 4420

AJ Wesselink, K Wright.

VAT number:

Terms of Service
Our services are subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions


Titan Uncapped - HURRY! Only 12 accounts left! FREE until end July 2014

OpenWeb has redefined the meaning of the phrase 'affordable' with its Limited Edition Titan Uncapped product.

  • 2Mb Titan Uncapped - R149pm!
  • 4Mb Titan Uncapped - R249pm!
  • 6Mb Titan Uncapped - R299pm!
  • 10Mb Titan Uncapped - R399pm!
  • 20Mb Titan Uncapped - R799pm!

More About This Offer:
* We have 12 accounts available at our launch offer pricing.
* Accounts allow 1 ADSL line to be connected at a time.
* Subject to a calendar months cancellation notice period.
* Special is subject to activating a debit order or auto deduction from a credit card.
* Requires a pre-installed Telkom ADSL Line and Router.

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NEW! Hybrid Uncapped!

Introducing a first of its kind in South Africa. Hybrid Uncapped offers you Premium Capped Unshaped data during peak and Uncapped Shaped data during off peak at an affordable rate.

  • 50GB Hybrid Uncapped - R299pm!
  • 100GB Hybrid Uncapped - R499pm!
  • 150GB Hybrid Uncapped - R649pm!
  • 200GB Hybrid Uncapped - R849pm!

More About This Offer:
* We have 1000 accounts available at our launch offer pricing.
* Clients that activate a debit order will pay 50% less for the rest of July 2014.
* Accounts do not require a debit order. Accounts can be purchased as a once off. EFT payments are allowed. .
* Usage consumed Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 19:00 will be deducted from your cap.
* Premium Capped Unshaped data up to 6Mbps during peak.
* Uncapped Shaped access up to 6Mbps off peak.
* When cap is reached, daytime speeds will be limited to 384k. Off peak access will continue to run at normal speeds even if the daytime cap has been reached.
* Topup your daytime cap in increments of 50GB's.
* Subject to a calendar months cancellation notice period.
* Requires a pre-installed Telkom ADSL Line and Router.

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